MF 9300 Self-propelled Sprayer

Delivering precision, capacity and comfort, this is straight-forward machinery to cover more hectares per day while minimizing operating costs.

To meet the demand in the market for a robust, entry level machine, Massey Ferguson introduces the MF 9300 self propelled sprayer. Designed for small and medium sized applications, operators will appreciate its simplicity, strength and value.

The MF 9300 Plus is synonymous with technology, durability and performance. Manufactured in Canoas, Brazil for over six years, this machine has proven tremendous success.

At Massey Ferguson, we understand the need for simplicity. Each feature of the MF 9300 Plus self-propelled sprayer has been designed, tried and tested to meet your needs.

The joy of simplicity FROM MASSEY FERGUSCON

The MF 9300 Plus is equipped with the distinguished AGCO POWER 6.6 liter Tier 3 engine with unmatched fuel economy when coupled to the machine’s hydrostatic drive system, the power and torque characteristics of this machine surpass that of its competitors

The engine is programmed to create maximum torque where the drive system requires, providing healthy torque at low revs with 210 HP and 790 Nm of torque at 1,800 rpm.

The excellent build quality and latest engine technology guarantees optimum fuel efficiency, maximum power, reliability and longevity.

The heart of a Beast Precision engine performance.