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Aggregation of small scale farmers in Kenya

Aggregation of small scale farmers is the future ! Kenya has no official survey data referring to the number of farmers and their characteristics such as land size, crop grown, gender, age etc.  However, numbers have been thrown around for decades suggesting that 80% of farmers cultivate less than 5 Ha of land, among which 90% cultivate less than 2 Ha. There is no data to support these claims but experience from the ground compels me to concur than to differ with these estimations. Whoever says small scale farming also says poor farmers organization and absence of inter-farmer interactions. Lack of networking among smallholder farmers has been the biggest impediment to agricultural development in Kenya. Why? Because agriculture is a business of (large) scale. Being a smallholder farmer naturally denies one the privilege of scale which implies that deliberate efforts must be activated to achieve economies of scale. For instance, a farmer who cultivates 200 Ha of land enjoys economie