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Best tractor to buy in Kenya: 2 wheel or 4 wheel?

Why buy a 2 wheel drive or a 4 wheel drive tractor Kenyan farmers are slowly embracing mechanization, and tractor is the fundamental farm machinery that most farmers start with. Which tractor is best for you to buy in Kenya? 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive? Before you proceed, I recommend that you first read the article on the important things you need to know before you buy a tractor . What I have seen in the past is that most farmers who wish to buy a tractor may have bought a personal car in the past. Their criteria of choosing the tractor to buy are highly guided by the same criteria they used to buy the personal. By far and large, the type of personal car that people chose to buy is determined majorly by the budget- How much they willing to spend on the car all other factors notwithstanding. While this is true for cars, it is totally misleading when it comes to choosing the right tractor to buy. The choice of the tractor you wish to buy is majorly determined by its intended

The Massey Ferguson MF 300 Xtra Series

  MF 300 Xtra models : MF 345, MF 350, MF 355, MF 360, MF 375, and MF 385 The Massey Ferguson MF 300 Xtra Series is a family of tractors from AGCO Corporation that offers models from 50 to 85 hp for agricultural and horticultural markets because of their straightforward and well proven technology. These models include MF 345 Xtra, MF 350 Xtra, MF 355 Xtra, MF 360 Xtra, MF 375 Xtra, and MF 385 Xtra. The MF 300 Xtra series are made for farmers from a large geographical region that covers small scale farmers, medium scale farmers, contractors, and large scale farmers as well as huge plantations. Read also:   Features and Benefits of Massey Ferguson MF 275 Xtra Read also: Buy a new Massey Ferguson tractor  MF 200 Xtra Series The Massey Ferguson 300 Xtra Series is suitable for use in a wide range of farm jobs across wide variety of crops which may include rice, wheat, fruits, vegetables, cotton, tobacco, sugarcane, vines, and maize among others. All models of the MF 300 Xtra seri

Where to get Wambugu apples and how to grow them

The story of farming Wambugu apples in Kenya People like eating apples, but in Kenya, imported apples are very expensive and farmers are now looking for an alternative to grow apples locally, and the farming of Wambugu apples has excited many farmers in Kenya and abroad. In this article, we have gathered and reviewed some information from Wambugu Apple farm as well as from some farmers who have been growing the Wambugu apple variety in Kenya. Read also:  Dairy Goat farming with Wambugu Farmer It is said that an apple a day keeps a doctor away, but what if you could venture into the business of farming apples and keep poverty away? Think about it this way: A huge percentage of apples consumed in Kenya, almost 99% are imported from South Africa, the Middle East region, and the Mediterranean countries majorly Egypt. The price of one piece of apple fruit in Kenya goes for around $ 0.5. One kilogram of the imported apples go for up to 10 dollars. The price is very inhibitive especially th

Features and Benefits of Massey Ferguson MF 275 Xtra

  Specs and performance of MF 275 Xtra The Massey Ferguson 275 Xtra belongs to the family of MF 200 Xtra series from the Massey Ferguson brand that is owned by the AGCO Corporation. The family is made up of 5 models of tractors which include MF 240 Xtra (47hp), MF 268 Xtra (63hp), MF 275 Xtra (75hp), and finally the Mf 290 Xtra (82hp). These tractors are not available for sales and distribution in all countries hence it is important that you contact a local Massey Ferguson dealer or distributor to find out if the model is available in your country. In Africa for example, this range is only available in Angola, Kenya, Malawi, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa. Massey Ferguson helps farmers in developing countries especially Africa and Asia to promote sustainable agriculture with the mechanization of farm operations. In particular, the MF 275 Xtra targets emerging farmers and contractors in an effort to provide machinery services at a low cost of entry. Because the   MF 275 Xtra is

Multi-storey cone kitchen garden designs

  How to build  a simple garden in your backyard In most parts of the world, land is increasingly becoming rare every day and there is an increasing desire by individuals and families to grow part of the food they eat every day. This has led to the innovation of various types of backyard gardening systems, one of them being the multi-storey cone kitchen garden designs. Vertical kitchen gardens are becoming popular every day because of their potential to capitalize on the vertical space to create more area to grow more crops in the backyard of your home compound. The multi-storey kitchen garden could be designed in a number of ways that allow the exploitation of the vertical space, and the cone garden design is the most recent one to be highly adopted by families and individuals who wish to grow part of their vegetables within the home compound. This design is capable of increasing the land area by around 7 times depending on the height of the cone as well as the number of terraces

Government fund to support youth to establish agribusiness enterprises

  Government to support youth to get into agribusiness As part of effort to address this challenge, the Ministry of Agriculture has rolled out a Sh2.2 billion government fund to support youth to establish agribusiness enterprises. Youth unemployment remains a serious challenge in Kenya with the youth comprising 67 percent of those without jobs. This problem is exacerbated by underemployment and poor quality jobs in the informal sector. The trends indicate that over one million young people enter the labor market annually but only a few get into meaningful employment. This will be implemented through the Empowering Novel Agribusiness-Led Employment (ENABLE) Programme that is co-funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the government, whose main objective is to create gainful employment, generate income for the youth and bridge succession gap in agribusiness and related value chains. “A number of challenges that hinder youth engagement in the sector have been identif

Profitable banana farming in Kenya – Tissue culture bananas

  Banana farming is a highly profitable business opportunity Unlike maize and other cereal crops, banana is a high-value crop that attracts high prices in its raw form or when added value. In my recent farm visit,  I spent a whole day with one of my family member who does the highly profitable tissue culture banana farming in Kiriny’aga County, Kenya. Before we dig deep into the banana business, allow me to give you a short background story of the farm and the resources that they have on the farm. The owner of the farm is called Mr Maria. He has been a farmer all his life on his two-acre piece of land located around Makutano Junction in Kiriny’aga County. The most interesting thing about his farming journey is that he has doesn't plant any more maize because his early experience with maize farming was a bitter story. Over the years, he has managed to dig a borehole and equip his entire piece of land with a drip irrigation system. Read also: Dairy goat farming with Wambugu Farmer Si