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Mechanization of rice farming in Kenya – Mwea Irrigation scheme

Farming rice without mechanization is the peak of farm drudgery While still celebrating the December holidays, I visited some smallholder rice farmers in the Mwea Irrigation Scheme. My take-home was that rice farmers deserve a break from drudgery. The mechanization of rice farming in Kenya should be an urgent priority. Farmers in the Mwea Irrigation Scheme in Kirinyaga County are finalizing the harvest of paddy rice this December. I had an opportunity to visit a family friend who is a rice farmer on a three-acre piece of land. Let me tell you if you have never heard this, rice farming is really hard work. Without mechanization, rice is probably one of the most difficult crops to grow on earth. Farmers spend many hours on the farm but very little work is done and they go home while extremely exhausted. Also Watch: Apple farming in Kenya - Wambugu Apples I witnessed the manual harvesting of rice. To me, it looked like a punishment that farmers have to go through to bring rice

Producing more food is a sure solution to combat hunger

    Countering food loss and food wastage by producing more food Food loss and food wastage is a serious challenge in the struggle to achieve zero hunger in the world. Producing more food is a higher priority. Covid-19 took the whole world by waves since the beginning of 2020. We are all aware of the many damages that the virus has caused. However, the good news is that before 2020 comes to an end, a lot of vaccines have already been approved and are being administered against the COVID-19 virus. This is a clear indicator that sooner or later, COVID-19 will be long gone and our lives will go back to normal. On the other hand, hunger has been terrorizing many people from many corners of the globe for many centuries, but regardless of the benefit of time, no single "vaccine" has been discovered to be effective against the hunger virus. A lot of piecemeal solutions have been but across, but without proper coordination and harmonization, very little progress has been achieved

Original spare parts for Massey Ferguson MF tractors in Kenya – FMD East Africa

Buy original MF spare parts at FMD East Africa The demand for quality tractor spare parts in Kenya has motivated me to write this short article, just to let farmers know that there is a place where they can get Massey Ferguson spare parts that are authorized by the manufacturer. FMD East Africa is a famous name among Kenyan farmers especially the owners and lovers of Massey Ferguson tractors. If you have been looking to buy the original spare parts for your Massey Ferguson tractor in Kenya, look no further because FMD East Africa got your back! FMD East Africa started their journey with Massey Ferguson many decades ago which gives them a perfect blend of experience and genuine reputation that is difficult to come across anywhere else. Beware farmers! The Kenyan market has been flooded with forged tractor spare parts of very poor quality (not from the original manufacturer). Farmers who are not well informed buy these low-quality spare parts at very high prices because they a

What African farmers should learn from COVID-19

COVID-19 should teach farmers that “self-medication” is more harmful! People have practiced self-medication during the COVID-19 pandemic more than ever before. Likewise, most farmers never seek professional advice from experts. Covid-19 should teach farmers that self-service (self-medication) is harmful to their farming business.   The COVID-19 virus has no cure yet, but people have been trying many new ways to treat or to prevent the infection. However, although no one knows the cure to the virus, including doctors, self-medication has been strongly discouraged from all corners. People are always advised to adhere to doctors’ guidelines and to seek professional medical attention whenever they experience COVID-like symptoms. No matter how mild the symptoms are, we have been advised to let the doctors do their work and avoid self-medication at all costs because its damages could be more than we can imagine. What should African farmers learn from the lessons of COVID-19 self-medi

If you are alive, the worst never happened. Dust yourself off and start where you are!

Joseph Wambugu in 2017 The best place to start is where you are right now! I rarely write on topics other than agriculture but today want to write something just to encourage my readers, not because I am a subject-matter expert, but because I understand that no encouragement is too little to offer. Any act of goodwill is always good regardless of whether it is big or small. 2020 has been a difficult year that can simply be summarized into COVID-19. Whether you work in the agriculture sector like myself, or any other sector, COVID-19 has changed the way we live, most people are calling it the new normal but the “new normal” is not normal at all. COVID-19 has rubbed people the wrong way. It has denied us the freedom to socialize. Many have lost their jobs, businesses, and loved ones. If any of this has happened to you in 2020, I understand the pain, fear, and frustration that it engenders, but do not let the sense of defeat settle in your mind. You can get up and shake off your dus

How to grow carrots at home and health benefits of carrots

                   Growing carrots at home and their health benefits to human Carrots can grow at home and are a good source of supplements that are of great health benefit to human beings. Carrots are root vegetables and require loose soil so that they do not encounter any resistance. I prefer to grow carrots in compost soil on a raised bed. Carrot seeds are very small, hence you need to be very careful when planting them since it is very easy to plant a lot of seeds in a very small place.  Growing carrots at home step by step Step 1: Seed sowing  Healthy carrots seed grow by sprinkling them evenly over the soil surface rather than transplanting. Carrots hate it when their roots are disturbed. Separate closely packed seedlings for better growth (thinning). Cover the seed with a very thin layer of soil to increase the percentage of seed emergence. Step 2: Germination of seed  With the many varieties of carrots available, carrots are easily grown in big containers, garde

Growing onions at home and their health benefit to humans

  How to grow onions at home and their benefits to human health Onions can grow at home or in commercial farms. Apart from the flavor, onions are grown for  their health benefits to human beings. Onions are cold seasonal vegetables that are grown mainly for the flavor that they add to other foods. Onions growing can be started from either seed, sets, or transplant. Onions are part of the vegetable and herbs family. Onions vary in size, shape, color, and flavors. The most common types are red, white, and yellow onions. Flavors can vary from juicy with a mild flavor to sharp, spicy, and pungent often depending on the seasons in which they are grown and consumed  It is estimated that 105 billons pounds of onions are produced worldwide yearly.  Growing onions from seed Growing onions from seed will give you bigger and better early onions. Step 1: Planting of the seed Growing bigger and healthy onion starts with the soil, a well-prepared garden soil with compost and river sa