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Where to buy value added land in Kenya along Nairobi-Nyeri road

Where to buy value-added land in Kenya As the Real Estate industry continues to boom in Kenya, many are looking to invest in property like buying land. Buying land is a sure-shot way to get rich without taking risks. It can help you securely build wealth and obtain financial stability. Nonetheless, you must understand the land investment process to get the most of your property. Land investments aren’t made only for the rich. Beginner investors can also buy a land parcel with a small amount. Besides, the land buying process became less time-consuming, reliable and inexpensive. Buying land gives various opportunities to generate cash. Even if you choose small plots of land, you can make a substantial amount of money. Land ownership gives you earning potential and opportunities to make money. You can either build a rental property on your land, raise cattle, grow vegetables, fruits or crops. Prime land of Offer: 1/4 Acre at Ksh 1.1M Located along Nyeri-Sagana Dual Carriage, one Kil

Agribusiness land for sale along Nairobi-Nyeri road at Makutano Junction (Mwea-Sagana)

 Prime agribusiness land for sale at Makutano Junction (Mwea-Sagana) @ Ksh 1.1m per quarter acre Do you want to do farming as a side hustle? Then, do not buy land in the jungle and start from zero, rather, you need to buy  land that is agribusiness-ready i.e equipped with all the amenities needed to practice serious farming (borehole, fence, accessible, fertile, electricity...). My name is Joseph Wambugu, an agribusiness consultant and author of blog. I have some hot deals and very unique news for you today. My family is selling one acre piece of land (subdivided into 4 quarters). One piece has been sold already, three more remaining. Prime Location for farming and real estate development This land is located only 1 Km from Makutano Junction town (Mwea-sagana), and 200 meters from the expanded Nairobi-Nyeri dual carriage road, only one hour drive from Nairobi town. Makutano is an agricultural area by excellence We have been farming bananas, fruits and vegetables on