How to tell the truth at all the time and mean what you say

How to tell the truth all the time without struggling. Telling the truth is very relative. What you hold as truth could be received as a lie by other

How to become a truthful man with integrity 

Truth is a very subjective term. Depending on the topic of discussion, it is hard to identify the position of truth without contradictions. Even in law, lawyers have to battle in court with their respective truths in order to win the favor of judges. If the truth of every matter was easy to tell, then we wouldn’t need arbiters and judges, etc.

Telling the truth is very relative. What you hold as truth could be received as a lie by other people of different opinions.

How to consciously tell the truth and avoid lying unconsciously

Lying is not the opposite of being truthful. I can define lying as intentionally not telling the truth. However, many people fail to tell the truth unintentionally due to underlying assumptions that they have. In other words, they lie unintentionally. This happens very often to people of goodwill. They say and do things based on assumptions, but when the facts are revealed, they realize they have been off the rails for so long.

Truth must be supported by facts or evidence. Facts and evidence are not always available to us when needed, but this does not mean we replace them with assumptions. To remain truthful in the absence of facts or evidence, you must acknowledge that the decisions or choices you are about to make are based on assumptions.

This is how to be truthful all the time.   You must have the facts, and if facts are not available, you can replace facts with conscious assumptions.

Remember unconscious assumptions that turn out to be untrue could be treated as lies. So never defend yourself so strongly when having debates with colleagues unless you have tangible facts.

Knowing when you are truthful and when you are not is very important for your personal development. People around you will learn to trust you and believe in your statements. You are seen as a person with high standards of integrity because you mean what you say.


Joseph is a consultant in agribusiness and agricultural mechanization