But is buying a tractor a good choice for your farm? When is it a wise investment decision to buy a tractor for your farm?

When is it worth buying a tractor or any agricultural machinery?

Machines such as tractors are at the center of livelihoods in rural areas, especially among farming communities. They make work easier by replacing manual workers to drive heavy implements and to haul the heavy loads. But is buying a tractor a good choice for your farm? When is it a wise investment decision to buy a tractor for your farm?

Buying a tractor for the sole use on your farm may not be the most lucrative business to do especially if you are planning to use it on a small farm. Owning a tractor is fun and exciting to work with, but here are a few questions that every farmer might want to consider before buying a tractor.

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Do your farm operations rely on the work of a tractor all year long? For example, after using the tractor to plant, when next will you need it again for your farm?

Is your farm highly integrated to keep your tractor busy with a diverse set of operations, such as planting, baling, haulage, lifting, drilling, etc. If all these activities need to be done on your farm, then it could be interesting for you to consider buying a tractor.

On the other hand, if your tractor is only for seasonal use (for example, just planting), renting a tractor or partnering with a neighbor who owns one or hiring one might a good alternative for you.

However, if you wish to rent out your tractor to other farmers, then you are welcome to buy a tractor regardless of your farm activities or the size of your farm. You can buy a tractor and become a contractor even without being involved in active farming yourself.

Other questions to ask yourself:

Do you know your way around an engine?

Are you willing to learn? Do you know someone that can help you if something breaks?

 Are you able to carry out tractor maintenance?

Oil changes etc.?

The above questions are easy to answer if there is an approved dealer in your region. Quality of aftersales support could be everything to a tractor owner especially the first-time owners. So, do your due diligence before you go for a particular brand! MF is always at the top in good aftersales support.

When it comes to buying a tractor, there are a few options to consider. You can invest in a new modern tractor or pre-used tractor. Today’s new tractors are equipped with state-of-the-art conveniences; computer systems; even air conditioning cab! The best part is that everything is in tip-top shape…a new tractor is reliable and should serve you for several years without major issues.

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Regarding the second-hand tractors, and on a negative note, a used tractor almost guarantees that something will need to be replaced, fixed, or updated. In some cases, parts and labor can quickly outweigh the cost of the tractor. Again, do your opportunity cost analysis diligently.

If you need any assistance in buying a tractor or any agricultural equipment, do not hesitate to comment and I will get back to you.

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