The ultimate benefits of a cab tractor to the farmer. Open station (Platform) tractors are for short hours while cab tractors are for long hours

Open station (Platform) tractors are for short hours while cab tractors are for long hours of work

I have heard many people asking why most small tractors are built without cab while most large tractors are only built with cab.

The answer to this question could be as simple as you can imagine but it can get complex as well. To keep it simple, small tractors are generally less expensive and hence it may not make a lot of sense to substantially increase the price of a small tractor by including the cab. Most cabs are high-end and hence are relatively costly. The complex part of the response could be: When a farmer buys a small tractor, it could be assumed that the amount of work he wants to accomplish is not that much and he may not be spending a lot of time working with the tractor, therefore the operator's comfort may not be a top priority. For example, small tractors could be used for short-distance transportation, mowing, road up keeping, and operating small to medium-sized implements. Mostly, these are not operations that a farmer does all day long. However, exemptions may exist.

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On the other hand, buying a big tractor, let’s say of up to 200 HP may signify that the amount of work on the farm is quite a lot and hence the tractor driver (operator) might be working for many hours every day. Spending over 8 hours driving a tractor under hostile weather is a call to the farmer to be mindful of the wellbeing of the operator. This is not just an emotional consideration, but a strategic and economic investment as well. The comfort of the operator means that he can work at the top of his productivity without being exposed to harsh weather such as sun heat, dust, wind, cold, etc. Cabs are also the center of control buttons, shuttles, and levers that are used to operate high-end equipment.

In Africa, we casually say that when a driver is unhappy, the car that he drives will break down.

If your tractor is to be used for long hours, you may need to consider buying a cab tractor. Smaller tractors could be fitted with the cab as well depending on the nature of work and the need to protect the operator.

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