Producing more food is a sure solution to combat hunger

Food loss and food wastage is a serious challenge in the struggle to achieve zero hunger in the world. Producing more food is a higher priority. 

 Countering food loss and food wastage by producing more food

Food loss and food wastage is a serious challenge in the struggle to achieve zero hunger in the world. Producing more food is a higher priority.

Covid-19 took the whole world by waves since the beginning of 2020. We are all aware of the many damages that the virus has caused. However, the good news is that before 2020 comes to an end, a lot of vaccines have already been approved and are being administered against the COVID-19 virus. This is a clear indicator that sooner or later, COVID-19 will be long gone and our lives will go back to normal.

On the other hand, hunger has been terrorizing many people from many corners of the globe for many centuries, but regardless of the benefit of time, no single "vaccine" has been discovered to be effective against the hunger virus. A lot of piecemeal solutions have been but across, but without proper coordination and harmonization, very little progress has been achieved to curb hunger.

I have seen statistics arguing that without food wastage in the world, the amount of food produced today is enough to feed everyone. This fact notwithstanding, food losses could be minimized but cannot be avoided completely. Food gets lost for many reasons. For instance,

  1. Food in Africa and many developing countries is lost during harvesting and post-harvest,
  2. In the 1st class countries, food is mainly get lost in the kitchen
  3. Middle-class countries may have a combination of the above in equal proportions.

What I am saying is that, no matter how much advocacy we do to tone down food losses and food wastage, it is clear that a lot of food will still end up is waste due to the divergent reasons surrounding food wastage that play across the globe.

Therefore, the only solution to curb the food shortage and hunger is to produce more food that is enough to eat and waste.

Most soils have the potential to produce much more food than they do currently.

My goal in 2021 is to support as many farmers as possible to produce more food to feed the world.

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Happy 2021 dear readers.


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