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The Massey Ferguson MF 300 Xtra Series


The Massey Ferguson MF 300 Xtra Series  offer tractor models from 50 to 85 hp. There are 6 models: MF 345, MF 350, MF 355, MF 360, MF 375, and MF 385

MF 300 Xtra models : MF 345, MF 350, MF 355, MF 360, MF 375, and MF 385

The Massey Ferguson MF 300 Xtra Series is a family of tractors from AGCO Corporation that offers models from 50 to 85 hp for agricultural and horticultural markets because of their straightforward and well proven technology. These models include MF 345 Xtra, MF 350 Xtra, MF 355 Xtra, MF 360 Xtra, MF 375 Xtra, and MF 385 Xtra.

The MF 300 Xtra series are made for farmers from a large geographical region that covers small scale farmers, medium scale farmers, contractors, and large scale farmers as well as huge plantations.

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The Massey Ferguson 300 Xtra Series is suitable for use in a wide range of farm jobs across wide variety of crops which may include rice, wheat, fruits, vegetables, cotton, tobacco, sugarcane, vines, and maize among others.

All models of the MF 300 Xtra series contain all the features that the customer requires giving them high performance with a proven track record.

Hp of MF 300 Xtra tractor models

  1. MF 345 Xtra 50 hp (37 kw)
  2. MF 350 Xtra 50 hp (37 kw)
  3. MF 355 Xtra 60 hp (45 kw)
  4. MF 360 Xtra 60 hp (45 kw)
  5. MF 375 Xtra 75 hp (45 kw)
  6. MF 385 Xtra 85 hp (63 kw)

Features and specs of Massey Ferguson 300 Xtra series tractors


Powerful and fuel efficient 3 & 4 cylinder engines with well proven direct mechanical fuel injection. Mf 345, MF 350, MF 355, MF 360 have 3 cylinders while the rest of the models have 4 cylinders.


8 Forward and 2 reverse sliding spur gear transmission.


All models are equipped with a live drive 540 rpm PTO with a standard 6 spline 35mm shaft.


All models are supplied with a trailer tipping pipe allowing the hydraulic system to be used for simple hydraulic functions as well as the rear linkage.

Rear linkage

The rear 3-point linkage offers compatibility for category 1 and category 2 implements. This allows the MF 300 Xtra Series to use a wide variety of implements.

Lift capacities of 1451 kg for the MF 345 Xtra and MF 350 Xtra, and 2145 kg for the MF 355 Xtra up to the MF 385 Xtra

Front Axle

All models are equipped with a strong box section adjustable 2WD front axle. Giving excellent manoeuvrability and adjustable track width. All models are specified with front weights.

The MF 345 Xtra and MF 355 Xtra are specified with mechanical steering whilst all other models have hydrostatic steering, oil being supplied from a dedicated engine driven pump.

The MF 385 Xtra can be supplied with the factory-fitted 4WD front axle. Specified with a limited slip differential, the front axle boosts traction and stability with maximum simplicity and minimal maintenance.

👇Factor to consider before you buy a tractor

Operator environment

The operator environment is a classic footstep layout with all controls falling easily to hand from the mechanically adjusted spring seat.

This ensures any operator can find a comfortable seating position at all times and safely reach all the driving controls.

All models are specified with a sun canopy, support frame and seat belt.

A tool box is conveniently locate to the left of the operator and is easily accessible.

Talk to your local MF Dealer who can support you in choosing the right combination of tractor and implements to suit your farming needs and help you to grow your business.

When you buy an MF 300 Xtra tractor from your MF Dealer, you are guaranteed:

  •        12 month manufacturer’s warranty
  •        Genuine AGCO parts
  •        Professional after-sales support
  •        Factory-approved technicians

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For more information on MF 300 Xtra series, you can visit their website on


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