If you are an emerging farmer in Kenya and you are thinking of buying a new Massey Ferguson tractor, then, the MF 35 could be your perfect partner.

Best tractor for emerging farmers in Kenya - Massey Ferguson MF 35

If you are an emerging farmer in Kenya and you are thinking of buying a new Massey Ferguson tractor, then, the MF 35 could be your perfect partner for your farm or contracting business.

Most farmers in Kenya attend to their farms manually, not because they so wish, but because the availability of mechanization services is often not within their reach. MF 35 comes to close this gap between the desire to mechanize and the availability or machines. The MF 35 puts tractor power within everyone’s reach. It makes mechanization available to the new generation of farmers, farmworkers, and emerging agricultural businesses. MF 35 could transform the livelihood of your family as well as that of your community.

Better still, the MF 35 comes from Massey Ferguson – a brand highly trusted and well respected amongst the farming family.

Features of massey ferguson MF 35

1. Simplicity and versatility

  • MF 35 is the ideal multi-purpose tractor that could help you develop your farming ambitions. It is well proven, dependable, easy to use, and maintain.
  • It is suitable for use for all kinds of jobs on the farm: This may include cultivation, planting, transport, and yard maintenance. It also works well in arable land, livestock, and horticultural operations, flower, tea, coffee production, among others.
  • Highly affordable tractor. You get it straight from the showroom to your farm!

2. Specifications and technical features of MF 35

  • Rugged 36 hp engine – enough pulling power for a huge range of jobs
  • Powerful 6-forward and 2-reverse peed mechanical gearbox – provides a good range of speeds for field and road work
  • Built in a modern factory to high-quality standards
  • Compact size – For exceptional maneuverability on smaller plots of land
  • Rear three-point hitch with a maximum lift capacity of 1100kg which enables the use of a wide variety of implements

3. Aftersales support by your local dealer

Buying a new MF 35 from your local dealer means that you become part of Massey Ferguson’s complete aftersales support network. You will receive practical, local support for the life of the machine, wherever you are when you need it most.

Visit FMD East Africa (local MF dealer) to get more details regarding MF 35.

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