How to make a simple drip irrigation kitchen garden

Simple irrigation kitchen garden using plastic containers

Imagine a world free of plastics? Imagine a plastic farm. A majority of kitchen garden technologies utilize readily available plastic and waste materials therefore contributing to environmental conservation. Today’s tutorial is on how to make simple drip irrigation kitchen garden using plastic materials.

Everyone can to take the initiative and make your own kitchen garden at home with your children using the technologies described in this article. It can be a great bonding exercise with your children as you impart them with knowledge.

1. Materials Needed for kitchen garden

Materials needed to make a simple drip irrigation kitchen garden include:

  • Several 5 liter bottles or jerry cans,
  • Wooden pole/stand or a wall as a support structure,
  • Cutting tools,
  • Nails,
  • Water,
  • Soil and manure mixed in a 1:1 ratio.

2. Procedure for constructing simple drip irrigation kitchen garden:

  • Choose an appropriate ground with no obstruction to sunlight,
  • Dig a hole approximately 2 feet deep,
  • Mark the height of the wooden pole to a height you can reach (7 feet recommended),
  • Mark intervals 50 cm apart for bottles,
  • Cut the bottom part of jerry can,
  • Nail the jerry cans to the pole,
  • Use binding wire to fix bottle to pole,
  • Put the pole in the hole,
  • Put stones at bottle tops,
  • Add soil to bottles,
  • Add a handful of DAP fertilizer,
  • Prick 5 liter bottle with a pin for water to drip,
  • Fill bottle with water and attach to pole then plant.

I recommend planting local vegetables such as kale, onions, beetroots etc which are not deep rooted and also 3 seedling per bottle. Simple drip irrigation technology requires little time and energy to set up and maintain.
Are you going to try this?