Kenya launches a 1 million kitchen gardens farming initiative

Kenya launched a 1 million kitchen gardens faming initiative

Types of Kitchen gardens in Kenya

On September 20th 2020, the ministry of agriculture in Kenya launched an initiative to empower 1 million kitchen garden farmers in rural areas and peri-urban areas. Championed by the youthful Chief Administrative Secretary Mrs Ann Nyaga, a lot of youth have embraced this idea and engaged in resourceful conversations online.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has raised concerns about sustainability of food productions and food supply chains in the region. Even though COVID-19 is a health related problem,  its effect are being felt in almost all sectors and the agriculture sector has equally been negatively affected. When key food production and supply systems are hampered with, people have inadequate access to nutritious food and hence weak immune systems'', Said Mrs Ann Nyaga in aYouTube video.

In response to this reality, the Ministry of agriculture has developed measures to mitigate malnutrition and hunger by encouraging families to adopt the kitchen garden farming systems.

The agri-nutrion department of the ministry of agriculture said that they have been working closely with the ministry of health and other stakeholders to sensitize Kenyans on the importance of kitchen gardens in providing integral nutrition health.

The 1 million kitchen gardens farming initiative will target 1000,000 families in rural and peri-urban set-up.

The Chief administrative secretary in the ministry of agriculture, Mrs Ann Nyaga said that they will launch a number on model farms across the country where families can go and get trained on the principles of kitchen garden. To start with, the ministry will promote the following simple and water efficient kitchen garden farming technologies: 

1. Multi-storey kitchen gardens

2. Micro kitchen gardens,

3. Tire kitchen garden

4. Wink irrigation kitchen garden

5. Simple drip irrigation kitchen garden, and 

6. Moist bed kitchen garden

Micro kitchen gardens,
Micro kitchen gardens

Moist bed kitchen garden
Moist bed kitchen garden

Multi-storey kitchen gardens
Multi-storey kitchen gardens

Tire kitchen garden
Tire kitchen garden

Wink irrigation kitchen garden
Wink irrigation kitchen garden


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